Training and Classes

Weight Loss

Being able to achieve your goal and maintain that weight loss often means increasing your metabolism. Strength training can do just that. The support of a personal trainer gives you the accountability, the motivation, and encouragement to help you reach and maintain your goals.

Personal Training

Whether you are looking to lose weight, develop muscle, increase your energy, or simply improve your level of fitness, Marcia offers personalized workouts that are result-driven. Private, semi-private, or small group package plans available.

kickboxingPadwork & Kickboxing

Our active martial arts classes are based on boxing and karate techniques, thrown into a format that deals with high intensity interval training. This is a 60 minute course, combining a 50 minute cardio course and 10 minutes concentrated on strength building for abs and lower-body sculpting.

Our sessions integrate a series of punches and kicks put into different choreographed sets, done to music. We have no maximum capacity for classes and we have trained up to 30 people in a single session. Many current kickboxing classes work on bags, but we focus on non-contact training and strikes on pads and focus mitts.

weightStrength & Weight Training

To kickoff our private and personalized strength and weight training, we schedule a preliminary meeting or conference. This initial conference is free of charge. We work with you to determine goals such as weight loss or strength and endurance numbers. We also set long-term and short-term goals for the program.

Our process can also accommodate workout buddies, though we suggest having no more than 2 or 3 total to achieve group goals.

Each client receives an exercise and dietary program designed and custom-built by Marcia. These plans can either focused on weight loss and traditional lifting training. Cardio is also often included in the training programs. Boxing training is also provided as desired in 3 minute intervals.

All programs are custom fit to the individuals and their goals. You are accountable for your short term goals, but we are here to offer the highest level of motivation.

dietDiet Plans

Our ForgeFit dietary planning solutions are designed to supplement your private personal training plans. The ForgeFit diet planning comes from Marcia’s own experience and builds on past successes.

Our plans are research based and custom built to meet your long-term goals. 80% of your body shape is based on your diet, and only 20% on your exercise. We add dietary plans to your overall workout package to help you get to where you want to be with your body and to help meet your long term goals faster.

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